Performance Mandates
MandatesQTRYTDAnnualizedCumulative Return5 YR StdDevInception Date
1 YR3 YR5 YRSince Inception
Barometer Capital Management Inc. Tactical Equity6.4%5.4%19.5%9.6%12.9%6.5%193.5%10.5%Jan 01, 2001
Barometer Capital Management Inc. Tactical Asset Allocation5.0%4.3%16.3%9.7%11.3%8.0%277.8%8.0%Jan 01, 2001
Barometer Capital Management Inc. Tactical Income4.1%3.7%15.6%6.9%8.5%12.2%618.3%7.3%Jan 01, 2001
Barometer Capital Management Inc. Tactical Balanced4.7%3.9%13.6%10.4%13.0%8.6%145.5%5.7%Apr 01, 2007
Returns effective as of January 31, 2018
Annualized MERs have been added to the net performance returns of the Pools and mutual funds to calculate gross performance of the mandate. Individual account performance results and account composition may differ from that of the listed composite model due to a number of factors, including fees, client imposed restrictions, timing of trade executions, deposits, withdrawals and market fluctuations. Composite performance returns are expressed gross of fees and taxes, excluding those withheld by law, or other charges that may be payable. The composite performance returns are historical annual compounded total returns unless otherwise noted. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
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